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Windows Mixed Reality Viewer

A project for Microsoft Vancouver’s BigPark Studio that interwove three stories using the Mixed Reality Viewer app (aka 3D Viewer), made available in Windows.

Here’s the first of the three parts, “The Mess”. The other two can be watched at the bottom of the page:

Project Microsoft – Mixed Reality Viewer
Director Trevor Cornish
Cinematography Geoff Wallace
Art Direction Peter Hoang, Darren Bennett
After Effects,
Cinema 4D
Craig Nelson
Gavin Rodrigues
Roman Magbanua

This shot used footage from a GoPro attached to the rear of the tablet in production (the built-in tablet cameras were not known for quality and exposure control). The tablet screen was then replaced using Mocha.

In turn, the animated 3D model of the construction worker needed to be 3D tracked into the GoPro shot in Cinema 4D.

SPK Audio Mix Elements

Planar Tracking in Mocha AE

After Effects Timeline

Rotoscoping The Hands

Reflection Pass

Screen Replacement Corner Pin from Mocha

SPK Audio Mix Elements

3D Motion Track in Cinema 4D

3D Model Track on GoPro 2nd Cam Footage

Screen Replacement Animation

“The Assignment”

“The Pitch”