Animated Video | Motion Graphics | 3D Design


Explainer Videos

The client’s ask: Take their mostly unread (read: boring) bulletin-board-style training sheets and turn them into engaging, 60-second explainer videos. That video is then email blasted out to a more receptive in-store staff.

And in this case, the result was faster training, confident staff, and happier customers. AND a record participation in their digital contests.

Client Circle K, Alimentation Couche-Tard
Project Freestyle To Win – Digital Contest
Agency SIX12 Creative
Voiceover Script,
Motion Creative & Animation,
3D Design,
Sound Design,
After Effects,
Cinema 4D
Craig Nelson
Graphic Design Ros Klassen
Storyboards Addison Sedgley-Brosseau

Voiceover Script

The VO script was going to form the spine of the video, so it was written first for initial client approval.

For the laughs, here’s a sample of my scratch iPhone recording read in the premium acoustics of my kitchen. And then, the Pro.


With the VO script already approved, these storyboards were mostly to get what was in my head down on sketch.


The 3D Animation, Modeling, and Lighting was done in Cinema4D. The Raccoon had been created and rigged in previous project and was brought back to star here.

The Motion Design and Animation was completed in After Effects.

SPK Audio Mix Elements

Cinema 4D: 3D Prize Vault opening up animation

Cinema 4D: branded character rigging, weight painting and animation

After Effects Timeline

Motion Design, Animation and compositing 3D elements in Adobe After Effects

Sound FX & Music

SPK Audio Mix Elements

The Audio Mix: music, sound effects, and voiceover in Adobe Audition

The Deliverables

These videos turned into a series that were adapted for a other projects and campaigns, which the Agency was more that happy to accomodate.