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Case Study

Motion Boosts

Social Posts

The client’s ask was pretty straight forward. Get the views, likes, follows and especially the engagement, UP.

The metrics on their past few contest announcement posts had been a little lacklustre. They had done *some* video posts in the past, but the resources and time to create them with quality were outsized for the investment.

So the pitch back was to instead convert the image posts created by the graphic designer into animated…video…motion…posts. The boost in metrics would be immediate:

Image Post

Motion Post

The Results…

Sure enough the metrics got their big boost:

  • These ‘Contest Announcement’ posts, were a common post type for this client, and this one immediately performed 223% better compared to the static image post
  • Engagement (comments) jumped 7x
  • Reach rocketed up 205% as interactions increased
  • Follower count, a harder metric to quantify, nevertheless took a noticeable turn for the positive after a series of motion posts like this one

From that point on, the mandate was clear …turn any image posts possible into animated, motion Posts and Reels and Stories.

Here’s a few more side-by-side examples (and a whole gaggle of motion samples below):

Need Some Motion Options?

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And if you want to drill down on how a motion social campaign comes together, check out my case study for Sour Patch Kids & Mondelez.