Animated Video | Motion Graphics | 3D Design

Hi, I’m Craig 👋

I’m an experienced Motion Graphics and 3D designer in digital marketing and game development. You can find more of my work history and expertise on my LinkedIn profile.

You can email me at

Roles You Can Hire Me For

  • Video Animation: Adobe After Effects & Premiere
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • 3D Design: Cinema 4D, Blender, VR/AR, glTF/USDz Unreal Engine
  • Web & Mobile Animation: Lottie Vector Animation, glTF/USDz, three.js
  • Sound Design, Effects & Music for Video Animation


How I Work

I can work on projects from beginning to end, from the initial concept through to finished animation and audio design.

But it’s always great to connect with a great team that might include Producers, Graphic Designers, Copy Writers, Sound Designers …ready to contribute at any project stage, take direction, ratchet up new skillsets, and sponge knowledge from other artists and designers.

“Hiring a freelance Motion Designer to work remotely is only successful if the freelancer is responsible, sticks to deadlines, and hypercommunicates.”

Joey Korenman

School Of Motion

Here’s some things you’ll find me doing when not in front of the computer…

Spences Bridge Moto Trip
Cypress Mtn. Skiing
30 Rock ,NY
Big Lonely Doug
Off-Road Adventure
The Luckiest Guy